Turnkey industrial movements

Our wide array of equipment and our project management team ensures we can carry out projects from start to finish. This offers our clients a number of benefits. Read more to find out how we might  be able to help you.

Unique combination of services

M.J. van  Riel has four main areas of expertise, with which we can facilitate in projects from start to finish:

  • Project management
  • Industrial movements
  • Lifting & jacking
  • Heavy hauling

This combination of services is (in the volume we can offer them) unique in the Netherlands.

  • A project combining all of our services

    Turnkey industrial movement for VDL Kunststoffen

    For our industry leading client VDL Kunststoffen, we combined of all of our areas of expertise to carry out their factory relocation successfully.

    Read more

Efficient process

When our project office takes on a new project, they plan it out from A to Z, taking into account every tiny detail. This results in the right equipment being in the right place at the right time. Equipment we own ourselves. This wide assortment of equipment creates significant time benefits for our clients, which enables us to set up cost effient processes. These benefits only grow larger when our clients involve us from the early stages of a project.

Lowered risks

When one would work with different parties, risks concerning connecting different parts of a project occur. For instance, when transport hasn't reached its destination in time, but a crane is already standing by to unload the cargo, maybe even for hours, money is being lost.

With our project office's extensive preparation and our diverse assortment of equipment we take over the risks of our clients. After all, we have everything to finish a project efficiently and successfully.

Personal approach

Even after almost 75 years and with almost 200 team members, you can still enjoy a personal approach at M.J. van Riel. We create a culture in which we use each others first name. We always offer you one contact within our organisation, who knows your company and your project through and through.

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