Wij zijn blij dat je we je tot nu toe goed hebben kunnen helpen

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Four 53 tons heavy spud poles on pontoon

Recently we have assisted a client, specialized in the production of various vessels, with the installation of spud poles. These spud poles stabilize a pontoon when it is operational and stationary. With a weight of 53 tons and a length of 35 meters, these spud poles were a nice challenge for our team and equipment, which we were of course happy to take on.

VIDEO: placement 80 ton overhead crane

We were able to help one of our clients with the transport and hoisting of an 80-ton overhead crane, for placement in their brand new production hangar.

VIDEO: Saddam Hoessein's army tank transported and disassembled

We carry out a lot of exceptional transports, but last week we did something truly memorable. We carried out the transportation and disassembling of an army tank, belonging to the former dictator Saddam Hoessein.
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