At M.J. van Riel we place a high value on safety. We believe this should be more than just an aspirition in our line of work. That's why all of personell is in possession of a SHE Checklist Constructors Certification and we as a company are in possession of a SHE Checklist Petrochemical Certification .

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Reliable through expierence

Since 1956, M.J. van Riel has played an active role in the field of horizontal and vertical movements. In over 70 years, we've prooved to be a stable partner, with skilled personell, who successfully finish all of our projects in a safe manner.

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M.J. van Riel B.V. is a Dutch & European Standard ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and SHE Checklist Petrochemical certified company.

The Quality Safety Health Enviroment system is an integral system, which, in compliance with ISO-9001, ISO-14001, SCC-P, at minimum complies to the Dutch laws and regulations. It is meant to bring clearity and unambiguity about business processes to our own employees, our clients, and other stakeholders.


More than what's required

To uphold safety laws is nothing more than common sense. Only when you do more than is required by law, you can say you're proud about your safety policy. That's why M.J. van Riel does more than is legally required, where possible. Of course, we always remain a healthy balance between safety and what's useful and feasible.

The environment is of paramount importance at M.J. van Riel. More often than not, these measure influence safety, health, well-being, quality and efficiency.

Hierbij staat mileu ook hoog in het vaandel. Deze maatregelen hebben namelijk regelmatig effect op veiligheid, gezondheid, welzijn, kwaliteit en efficiëntie.

CO2-performance ladder

M.J. van Riel has made some noteworthy steps to comply to certification requirerements to the CO2-performance ladder, level 3. In June, 2017 we officialy met the requirements, so the certificate was acquired. Since then, M.J. van Riel has continued significant efforts to achieve an even greater reduction - although this involves a lot of external factors.


My hein®

Quality, safety, health and environment mean more than just complying to rules and regulations. It's about awareness and behavior. Everyone has to take responsobility, so our and other employees can safe and sound return to their homes at the end of the day.

In 2015, M.J. van Riel started a behavioral program, called 'hein' (a common Dutch first name). 'hein' is developed by labor and organizational psychologists Jules Heijneman and Kim Reuser. It helps to create a corporate culture where open and transparent communication about workplace safety and other difficult workplace situations is not only accepted, but encouraged. This allows us to constantly implement new improvements.

Everyone has his / her own 'hein', making him very recognizable. This makes creating support for the program within all levels of our organization easy, all the while connecting our team.

In short: we strive to achieve permanent improvement through open communication.






M.J. van Riel supports Corporate Social Responsibility. For us, it means to not only strive for return on investment, but to also take into account the ecological effects of our activities, and to remain focused on the human aspects of our work, inside our organizations as well as outside of it.

Questions about safety?

Contact our QSHE department. Call  +31(0)13 458 21 21 or send us an email.


  • Case: Leidingbrug Muiderberg

    Transport of the Muiderberg pipeline bridge

    Pipeline bridges are available in many sizes, but as large and as hefty as those that we have brought to Muiderberg you do not see them every day. It was only logical that the transport of an object like this also requires special materials. An optimal job for one of our newest acquisitions: the modular driven transport units from Scheuerle.

  • Case: Roof advertising Okura Hotel Amsterdam

    Roof advertising Okura Hotel Amsterdam

    The moment you deploy with large equipment, that naturally attracts a lot of attention. In the past 70 years we have become quite accustomed to the crowd that gathers to observe. But when you close down a street in the heart of Amsterdam for our largest crane with mast extension, that does not go unnoticed.

  • Case: Factory relocation industrial customer

    Factory relocation Tilburg

    Every location is unique. That applies anyway for building locations in the open air, but especially when it comes to industrial movements. When we partially move production environments or move them completely, we literally operate in the heart of a company. And those are special experiences. As with this internationally leading customer.

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