Project management & engineering

When heavy material has to be moved, a crane or trailer alone is often not enough. In many cases, the correct supply and processing requires careful coordination between several disciplines. Multiple expertises that are aligned with each other with the greatest possible care. In this area too, we are ready to assist you with a fully specialised Project Office.

From A to Z

‘Completely worry-free, from A to Z'. It is an expression that you hear regularly hear when you encounter us. And there is a reason for this. Because overseeing and checking every detail that is involved in special transport, in hoisting and lifting jobs and in industrial movement is something that has been interwoven into our culture very strongly since our founding in 1946.  

Quick in communication

We know that many companies strive to realise this, but have found it difficult to achieve. It is something that we can do very well because we not only believe in it, but also because we have designed our organisational structure in such a way that, despite our growth, we still strive to retain the mentality and accessibility of a small, clearly-organised company.

You will notice this because, with us, you will have one and the same contact person at your disposal for every project. An experienced professional with extensive practical experience who lives the project together with you. And if the project requires that a number of implementers or project leaders may be desirable, you will still retain this one point of contact.

  • Case: Installation of prefabricated houses

    Prefabricated houses

    Nobody will have missed the fact that much is changing in the real estate market. One of the most striking developments are the so-called 'prefabricated houses'. Modular homes that are constructed to a completely habitable state on a production site and then installed ready for use at their final location. For our construction-related customers, we take care of the loading, transport and correct installation of all these units. 

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Invisibly smooth

When a boat, a bridge, a complete house, a giant frame or a complete factory needs to be moved, there are many things involved. Much more than just the movement itself. Because it always concerns objects of a special size and/or weight, the moment of movement is a moment where many aspects come together. Many aspects that are clearly visible and obvious, but also aspects that play a role out of sight. Aspects that are not obvious, but are crucial for the successful and safe outcome of the project.


In order to ensure that this complex puzzle around the supply, processing and any assembly or dismantling comes together in the correct manner, it is important that the preparation is impeccable. With our Project Office, we ensure that each aspect involved in combination activities are carefully aligned with one another. This starts with a careful unravelling of all the details to arrive at a flawless project definition. Not only do we zoom in on the general specifications of the project, but we also keep a close eye on the smallest details.


After we have discussed everything in detail and our engineers have calculated each dependency with the greatest accuracy, a clear project plan is created in which all steps and points for attention are detailed. Based on this plan, we then guide you through the entire project. We take care of the planning, organise the right materials and—if necessary— arrange the deployment of external resources or additional modalities. Our project leaders and implementers ensure that all steps before and during the implementation are completed as agreed, so that you are assured of an optimal delivery.



Our Project Office is all about the careful preparation, management and implementation of projects. Something in which flexibility is also an absolute requirement and which can be vital. Because, however great the care and attention is in the run-up to the implementation, the ability to anticipate quickly remains crucial.


At times, when many disciplines come together simultaneously, it is inevitable that you are occasionally confronted with things outside your sphere of influence and you won’t be able to predict the in advance. At such crucial moments, our Project Office proves its worth. Where necessary, we devise alternative approaches or creative solutions, so that at the end we always end up with the result that we have agreed with each other beforehand.

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