Industrial movements

Complete chains rely on factories with optimally performing production lines. But even machines cannot always run continuously. Sometimes a move or maintenance means that parts of a production line have to be relocated or replaced, as a result of which it is temporarily unable to operate at full capacity. We understand this and then only one principle is important: effectiveness.


When the most important part of a production company has been taken out of operation, time literally means money. Thus the shutting down of the production capacity for longer than is strictly necessary quickly has major consequences. Therefore, in situations where machines or entire production lines are moved or relocated, it is crucial to work with the best people and materials.


In recent years M.J. van Riel hasx made sure that this is exactly what we have at our disposal. Under one roof, we have all the knowledge and equipment that you need to manage, plan and carry out your industrial moves and movements right down to the smallest details and in the most careful way. This means that we can always guarantee you the greatest possible effectiveness in these situations.


And last but not least: your risk of damage! It is easy to claim all this ourselves, but please feel free to contact any of the customers for whom we have moved machines in recent years or our insurance company. You will be pleasantly surprised, because Van Riel has had an unprecedented low damage rate in recent years with its industrial movements.


Taking care of industrial movements is a discipline that we have developed very strongly in recent years. It is mainly due to the fact that these kinds of projects are very good for us. It is something that can be attributed to the fact that, within this area of work, all our capacities and specialisms are brought together in a quite superb way.

The approach involved in moving and/or relocating single machines or installations or even complete production locations, is much more than just the dismantling and assembly. A successful move or movement requires a collection of disciplines that mesh one-to-one with the solutions with which we have more than 70 years of experience. 

  • CASE: Factory movement P. van der Wegen Gears

    Factory movement P. van der Wegen Gears

    Every location is unique. This always applies to outdoor construction sites, especially when it comes to industrial movements. When we partially relocate or move production environments in their entirety, we are literally operating in the heart of a company.

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The smallest detail

During the assembly and dismantling of machines, we work regularly in environments that demand extreme care. Not only because we work with extremely large and/or heavy pieces of capital equipment, but also because the workspaces are often very confined. No vast floor areas or parking areas with plenty of room to move, but closed environments in which production is still in full swing.


When a couple of millimetres is the margin within which an extremely valuable instrument must be moved or be placed, it is important that there is no uncertainty about any detail within the project.


To ensure that your production line is not down for a second longer than is necessary, we combine all our strengths to make industrial movements as effective as possible. Minimising downtime and damage is our main focus. By carefully considering matters together in advance and determining a smart approach, we arrive at a plan that does not overlook any minute detail. A streamlined plan that consists of time/space factors and techniques that immediately pay for itself in valuable time savings.

Complete approach

When it comes to industrial movements, we know how important it is that your capacity returns to 100% as quickly as possible. This means that we also know how important it is to work with a partner who can oversee all facets of a project, so that all facets are aligned with each other, so that there are no surprises along the way and so that the project can be adapted quickly at any time.


Whether it concerns a straightforward move or a complete international factory movement in which your machines must be carefully prepared for import or export, we have the capacities, the multi-modal contacts, the experience and the materials to get it done.

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