Hoisting & Lifting

At M.J. van Riel, we are very proud of many things. But if we are asked to name something off the cuff, the discipline of 'hoisting and lifting' regularly comes up first. This is not surprising since it forms the basis of our company; the work with which it all started more than 70 years ago and one that we have constantly developed over the years since then.

Careful interaction

For those who have ever been on a construction site or in a workshop where heavy material is being hoisted, you know that such a job goes much further than just the move itself. It is a supreme moment where many different disciplines come together. It therefore requires careful interaction, in which the supply and processing of the object in question is really only the beginning. Because every hoisting and lifting job is particularly special because of the unique characteristics of the location where the project takes place. No two jobs are the same.

Unique approach

Behind each location there is a complex puzzle of points for attention which may not always seem clear at first sight. Anticipating traffic situations, diversions, permits, trees, lampposts and other environmental factors only covers a small part of all the influences that determine what the ideal execution should be like.

In any event, it means that every situation requires a unique approach. Sometimes it is the unconventional height that requires a creative solution while, at other times, it is the very limited freedom of movement that makes the job a special challenge.

Lifting without fuss

Whatever the unique characteristics of the location may be, an accurate identification of all factors and influences is at least as important for the success of a job as choosing the right cranes and materials. That is why we always like to say: ‘Your head is your best tool'.

Because the right preparation is the key to the safest and most effective approach, we always take the time to sit down with our clients and come to a flawless hoisting plan.

We analyse the location and discuss all the risks and points for attention in detail with each other. We calculate the spaces, the forces, the options and the margins within which we can work. By doing so we can guarantee an approach in which safety cannot be compromised in any way.

Not even when we are confronted with unexpected circumstances during the execution.

  • CASE: Roof Advertising Okura Hotel Amsterdam

    Roof Advertising Okura Hotel Amsterdam

    Whenever you turn up with large equipment, it obviously attracts a lot of attention. Over the last 70 years we have become used to the presence of the public on the sidelines. When you block a street in the middle of Amsterdam with our largest crane with mast extension that of course does not go unnoticed. 

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The best materials

Adapting fast when necessary, without compromising safety and effectiveness. This is a characteristic that strongly defines the M.J. van Riel approach. It is one that we owe to the experience we have gained over the past 70 years. It has ensured that we not only now have the best specialists with the most extensive practical experience at our disposal, but that we can also lead the way with the most professional materials.

Heavy objects

Because we are not afraid to keep investing in our own materials, M.J. van Riel grows naturally in line with the changing demands of the market. Not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of size and payload. Developments in the construction industry have led to larger objects, heavier loads, faster variation in circumstances, shorter lead times and more and more preconditions. And that requires a partner who is able to oversee all of these facets.

And that is exactly what we aim to do. Because, in addition to taking care of multi-faceted hoisting and lifting activities, we are also at home in handling heavy hauling and industrial movements. And we have our own project office which—when the situation demands it— can take care of the entire organisation and management of complex projects. From the initial plans and calculations to the very last execution activities.

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