Heavy hauling

The moving of constructions and objects that at first glance hardly seems possible or to be difficult to move. That is something that will remain unique and special each time. In the first place because it never gets boring to see something that weighs 700 tons or is the size of a house on the move. But especially because projects such as this require—in addition to the correct materials—particular human thought and craftsmanship.

Puzzling without risks

One does not always immediately believe us when we say that we consider that the attention paid to the preparatory work to be at least as important as the execution itself. Simply because it is extremely impressive to be able to witness an exceptional movement. When a structure, a machine part, a bridge or a frame, sometimes the size of a ship, is on the move, it provides a special feeling. But above all, it is of the utmost importance that we meet or preferably exceed your expectations time and time again. 

Decisive thinking capacity

The preparation and the brain work. That in our opinion is what makes heavy hauling really exceptional. The moving of objects that are particularly heavy or large is much more than just deploying the materials that can carry them. Successful and safe transport relies on much more! It relies on a complex puzzle of elements and variables that can change constantly. Some pieces of the puzzle often need to be put carefully in the right place well before the actual transporting occurs. By people with extensive knowledge and a mountain of experience.

And that is exactly what M.J. van Riel is so strong in.

No two situations are the same

With the same enthusiasm with which we invest in our materials, we also invest in our people. We have always done that, and we will always do so. Each transport has its own unique character: the location, the object, the route, the timing, the planning, the safety requirements. No two situations are ever the same. And that means that it is not the materials that determine whether or not a move is successful but, above all, the human brainpower behind it.

The ability to look at the routine constantly with a fresh pair of eyes. To examine every detail critically, to measure extensively, to analyse accurately and to check carefully. That makes the difference. And that is why we have only the best engineers, work planners, supervisors, implementers and project leaders at your service. Enthusiastic craftsmen and women who take your plans not only to a higher level, but also to a safer level.

  • CASE: Transporting of a Pipe Bridge

    Transporting of a Pipe Bridge

    When heavy material has to be moved, a crane or trailer alone is often not enough. In many cases, the correct supply and processing requires careful coordination between several disciplines. Several expertises and techniques that are aligned with each other with the greatest possible care. In this area too, we are ready to assist you with a fully specialised Project Office.

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Large and small at the same time

The term 'exceptional transport' says it all. Special means moving something that is different and particular and often valuable. With only one chance to do it right, and countless variables involved. For projects of this kind, it must be obvious that matters such as 'certainty' and 'safety' are the most important principles.

When there is no room to make mistakes, you want to be sure that everything is under control. That all the steps from A to Z are fully coordinated. And that is also why M.J. van Riel is an excellent partner for your movements. 

The speed of a single point of contact

With our staff and a fully specialised and in-house project office, we are large enough to organise and realise the entire process for you from transport plan to final delivery. But at the same time, we continue to communicate to do so in a manner that suits you best.

We do this with a friendly, accessible and uncluttered organisation in which you deal with one contact person from start to finish. We always have someone ready to assist you. Who always has extensive practical experience and can spring into action immediately when needed.

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