Our team is the driving force behind all added value we can offer our clients. Not only because of the knowledge they bring into our organisation, but also because each and every one of them are true go-getters.

Hands-on mentality

Our personell likes to roll up their sleeves for our clients. Diversity in their work is what keeps them fresh, like they start a new job every day. This is why M.J. van Riel as an organisation is able to handle flexible working hours so well, and why we're not afraid to finish the job. This results in an efficient process for our clients, and all its benefits.

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  • Huge tank successfully placed by M.J. van Riel

    Well begun is half done
    When two of our largest cranes are needed to hoist objects for transports, you can imagine the amount of preparation. Read on to discover how we lifted this enormous tank of a ship, cleared the road for transport and placed it successfully at the new location.
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Knowledge & experience

Ever since our company started in 1946, we like to acquire as much knowledge as possible. That's why M.J. van Riel is exceptionnaly proud of each of our almost 200 team members, who are all very skilled in what they do: from truck driver to project manager.

We are very aware of the value of all this knowledge within our personell. That's why we are commited to being a good employer, creating long term commitments between M.J. van Riel as an organisation and our employees. This results in a lot of expierence within the company.

When possible, we also like to tend to eduction and training.

Do you want to be a part of our team of skilled go-getters?

We're looking for new enthusiastic employees almost all the time. So take a quick look at our job openings.

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