M.J. van Riel supports projects within the various energy sectors. Our services support the installation, transport, placement and dismantling of networks, power plants and other types of smaller and larger technical installations.

Complete project support

Our aim is to work with our customers from the energy sector to ensure a safe working environment and an effective project approach, in which we can realise the transport, placement or dismantling and installation for small and large components. It is of great importance to us that the customer receives full project support when it is required. We have heavy cranes and transport units which can place exceptionally heavy or bulky components and transport them with a specialised team of SCC certified people. We offer you both the people as well as the means, knowledge and experience.


  • Case: Leidingbrug Muiderberg

    Transport of the Muiderberg pipeline bridge

    Pipeline bridges are available in many sizes, but as large and as hefty as those that we have brought to Muiderberg you do not see them every day. It was only logical that the transport of an object like this also requires special materials. An optimal job for one of our newest acquisitions: the modular driven transport units from Scheuerle.

  • Case: Roof advertising Okura Hotel Amsterdam

    Roof advertising Okura Hotel Amsterdam

    The moment you deploy with large equipment, that naturally attracts a lot of attention. In the past 70 years we have become quite accustomed to the crowd that gathers to observe. But when you close down a street in the heart of Amsterdam for our largest crane with mast extension, that does not go unnoticed.

  • Case: Factory relocation industrial customer

    Factory relocation Tilburg

    Every location is unique. That applies anyway for building locations in the open air, but especially when it comes to industrial movements. When we partially move production environments or move them completely, we literally operate in the heart of a company. And those are special experiences. As with this internationally leading customer.

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