CO2 performance ladder

For the current generation and the generations to come, Van Riel pursues an active policy with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). One of the core points in Van Riel's CSR programme is CO2 reduction. With the help of the CO2 performance ladder, Van Riel has drawn up a programme to reduce the CO2. By making a CO2 footprint, our most important CO2 emission sources have been identified. This gives us a better insight into our CO2 emission.

Van Riel has demonstrated that, through its efforts with regard to CO2 reduction, it now meets the requirements set for level 3 of the CO2performance ladder of the Dutch Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO).

Van Riel's energy policy, CO2footprint and reduction targets are made known both internally and externally every six months.


Van Riel has converted its own energy consumption into CO2 emissions, thus gaining insight into its CO2 emission per energy flow.  Based on the CO2footprint, Van Riel has been able to set effective targets. Van Riel started mapping its own emissions as long ago as 2012. The footprint is recalculated every six months and made known both internally and externally. For more information, please refer to the CO2footprint.


Based on the CO2footprint, Van Riel has set reduction targets to effectively reduce its CO2 emission.  Various reduction measures have been put in place to achieve this target. The effectiveness of these measures is assessed every six months. For more information, please refer to the CO2 reduction targets.


Every six months, Van Riel publishes its energy reduction policy regarding understanding, reduction and participation in an initiative. For more information, please refer to the CO2 communication plan.


Van Riel actively participates in CO2 reduction initiatives in the sector and beyond.

Sustainable Supplier

One of the initiatives in which Van Riel participates is Sustainable Supplier. This is a brand and platform of and for organisations that invest in Sustainability, sustainable business operations and a circular economy. The initiative was set up in 2010 by Antea Group, Sweco, Movares, Strukton and supported by the Province of Utrecht.
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Companies Consultation Tilburg Region (BORT)

Van Riel is currently actively participating in BORT in issues with regard to CO2 reduction.

Certificate co2 performance ladder

For more information, please refer to the certificate CO2 performance ladder


Download below the documents concerning the CO2 reduction policy:
CO2-reduction targets
CO2-footprint Q1 & Q2 (2017)
CO2-footprint Q1 - Q4 (2017)
CO2-communication plan
Certificate CO2-Performance ladder

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